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What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the process by which feelings, issues, problems, stresses, symptoms, disorders, etc. are discussed openly, addressed and resolved appropriately. What form this process takes, whether or not it is successful and how it turns out depends a lot, in my opinion, on the dynamic between the therapist and client or clients, the willingness of the client to be an active partner in the helping and healing process and do his/her/their part towards working on and resolving issues (even if his/her/their part is just being open and honest in discussion and in giving and receiving feedback). I believe that the therapist and client are equally responsible for working out issues and problems. My role is to help you gain insight and awareness as well as to facilitate your healing and problem solving so that you can assume more control in your life with the issues that present themselves and in general. This is not to say that you are to blame for the problems that have occurred in your life, but for true healing, you need to assume responsibility for working on the problems and resolving them appropriately. Psychotherapy can assist in this process.


E-therapy/online therapy/online counseling is psychotherapy done via the internet. Telephone therapy is psychotherapy done via the telephone. The difference between these modes and standard psychotherapy is the lack of face-to-face contact. For some, these modes are more convenient for various reasons: a schedule that doesn’t allow for appointments during standard business hours, issues and problems that prevent one from leaving the house (like phobias and fears), living in rural areas or areas where access to services is limited, being homebound due to health reasons, being a parent who cannot leave the house, being ashamed or embarrassed to discuss issues face-to-face.

There are limits to this form of therapy. Some prefer in-person contact and may see online or phone services as impersonal and difficult to adjust to. These modes of therapy are not ideal for those who are acutely suicidal or homicidal or acutely symptomatic (severe psychotic symptoms, depression, or anxiety) and require hospitalization. If you are in crisis or are acutely symptomatic and require hospitalization or inpatient services, please go to your nearest crisis center or emergency room.

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